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Hit and miss

It starts out ok, gets a little blah here and there, but overall I had a great time with this. However, the moment that made it for me was the skit with Samus. "Happy birthday SAMUS! Self-destruct activated!" I swear, I laughed so hard, I peed just a little.


So, it started just a touch slow, and I was all "Alright, so, this is ok" and then it got crazy. Crazy awesome. So bizarre, and the music is a ton of fun!

Then the goose...the goose...
I nearly laughed myself out of my chair.


This is definitely my favorite of your animations thus far; it was much more concise -- less time between the crazy humor, which is great. The animation was delightful, you character design is different (in a good way) and you're sense of humor is really enjoyable.

I'm really impressed with the improvements you made in a little over a year (at the age of 17, at that!), and I am really excited to see where you go from here. I think you're definitely someone to keep an eye on!

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A lot of fun!

When it started, I couldn't have been less interested, but as I went on it turned out to be pretty freaking addicting!

However, I have one major gripe. At times, once your victory is certain, you end up waiting for a good minute before you actually take over the last enemy. A button that even just doubled the game speed would make this a LOT more playable. Other than that, fantastic.


Great stuff. I really felt like I was playing an old beat-em-up from the 90s, which is a game style you just don't see enough of any more. The difficulty was perfect -- challenging but not impossible. The weapon variation was good, with each weapon having clear advantages and disadvantages. Also, you managed to put together a nice variety of settings.

My gripes are minimal. I thought it would have benefited from a multiplayer mode. I know it would probably be a little difficult for a flash game, but games like this are always better with a friend. Also, I would have loved it to be longer. Perhaps stretch out every area a bit with a boss at the end of each. Of course, I realize that would have been a lot more work as well, but when you give me something this fun to play, you can't blame me for wanting more.

Keep up the fantastic work!

So much fun until the lag punched me in the face..

I was enjoying the heck out of this game! The upgrades were fun, though I didn't have enough spare money to play around with them too much. Mostly just turrets and bombs. But still, it was enjoying the layout of the levels and the crafty ways you would have to set up your bombing run for maximum destruction. Then, on my beast of a gaming machine, the lag hit around day 21. Suddenly my mouse was jerking across the screen until, on day 23, when half way through the run that was going to buy me my nuke, my mouse was jumping around so crazily that suddenly CLICK!

I had hit an ad in an attempted to gain control over the spazzy, lag-ridden pointer. I come back, and no save data what-so-ever. Suddenly it was back to square one. Sorry, but that is an issue I just can't ignore.

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Fun skit, Sapphire! I enjoyed the heck out of it, though there were a few tiny dead spots that seemed to bring the flow to a bit of a halt, which kinda hurts it. I also would have loved more...er...scurvy pirate voices, though that is just a matter of taste. Even so, great stuff!

Oh, Granny!

Hnilmik, I absolutely loved it, but occasionally I lost the granny's voice to peaking and yelling. Had to listen twice to catch everything. Not a huge deal, though. Awesome job!


Really nice work Druox! I actually enjoyed the first voice most of all, though the others were great too. I'm on my third listen now, and still loving it. Hehe

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